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Microsoft Unveils New AI Defense Tools To Counter Existential Risks

Microsoft was one of the stocks that exploded with the artificial intelligence frenzy last year. Its investments in ChatGPT parent OpenAI underscored the revolutionary technology’s importance as the software giant looked to safeguard its interests and edge in the competitive sector. Likewise, the company has moved to boost the trust in its AI tools and investments, which are being used by consumers and corporate clients.

Microsoft AI Defense Tools

The tech giant has moved to make it harder for people to trick its artificial intelligence chatbots.  Consequently, it has launched new safety tools built into its Azure AI studio. The tools, which include Prompt shields, are designed to ensure that its chatbots detect whenever people try to trick them into doing weird things.

Additionally, Microsoft has also moved to make it difficult for hackers to insert malicious instructions into the data, one way of tricking a chatbot into performing unauthorized actions. By addressing the indirect prompts, the tech giant hopes to make it difficult for hackers to cause chatbots or AI-powered tools to steal user information, let alone hijack a system.

According to Microsoft’s chief product officer, Sarah Bird, the new defense mechanism should allow AI-powered tools to spot suspicious inputs and block them before causing damage. Likewise, Microsoft plans to roll out a new feature that will issue alerts whenever a model makes things up or generates wrong responses.

The launch of the new defense mechanism comes amid growing calls from various quarters, spearheaded by Elon Musk, for more regulation on how AI is used. Given its powerful nature, there have always been fears that if unchecked, the technology could be used in illegal activities. While AI regulation will be annoying, Musk insists it is essential to counter its existential risks.  The billionaire investor has always been at the forefront of raising the alarm about the impact of technology on civilization.

The AI Race

As an early investor in AI, Microsoft is always looked upon to put in place the much-needed safeguards to ensure the technology is not exploited. It’s the only way the tech giant can unlock value from billions of investments it has directed to advance AI models, helping bolster its sentiments in the market.

After investing about $13 billion in OpenAI technology, Microsoft has succeeded in introducing various AI features across its wide array of products. Likewise, the company has succeeded in getting ahead of its fierce competitors, including Amazon and Alphabet. For instance, the launch of AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT in the Bing search engine prompted Alphabet into action as it sought to safeguard its search engine with the launch of Bard.

The launch of AI tools in the Azure cloud platform has helped strengthen Microsoft’s cloud computing ambitions, therefore attracting more clients looking to leverage the power of AI. Integrating aspects of ChatGPT in the Bing search engine has also bolstered the search tool’s productivity, enhancing the user’s experience.

Microsoft, generating more than $67 billion in free cash flow, left it in a solid financial position to continue investing in AI to keep up with its rivals. The integration of the various AI tools has been the catalyst behind Microsoft stock rallying by more than 50% over the past 12 months having emerged as one of the solid bets around the revolutionary technology.



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