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Apple Eyes Meta AI Model as ByteDance and Broadcom Partner for AI Chip

Apple (AAPL) means business when it comes to integrating artificial intelligence features into its products. In recent years, the tech giant has struggled to ship more products of its flagship iPhone line amid concerns that no groundbreaking features would give people a reason to upgrade. The iPhone maker has since given people a reason to buy its products.

Apple Meta AI Push

Reports indicate that Apple has inked a strategic partnership with Meta Platforms (META) to pave the way for integrating new generative artificial intelligence models into its iPhone AI system. While the company already has its AI system, it’s been looking to incorporate more systems as one of the ways of providing people with options and enhancing user experience.

Apple has already made it clear that it will turn to partners to gain access to more complex AI models that can perform specific tasks. It has already inked a deal with OpenAI, paving the way for the integration of ChatGPT into its products. Reports also indicate that the iPhone maker has had discussions with startups Anthropic and Perplexity as it seeks to access their generative AI.

Even as Apple’s generative AI from other companies, it has already debuted Apple Intelligence. It is a generative AI product capable of summarizing texts and creating original images. The AI-powered program is also able to retrieve the most relevant data.

Meanwhile, ByteDance and Broadcom are joining forces to develop an advanced artificial intelligence processor. The development is part of the two companies’ push to create a chip that complies with US chip restrictions on China. The chip that the companies are working on is based on the 5-nanometer technology that Taiwan Semiconductor will use to produce.

Broadcom and ByteDance Chip

The partnership is a surprise given that ByteDance is the parent company behind TikTok, a company that US authorities have been against. In recent years, US authorities have been trying to limit China’s access to some groundbreaking US technology as it wants to stay ahead of China in the AI market. Washington has already imposed wide-ranging restrictions on both production and exports of US technology and chips.

ByteDance comes into the deal as it seeks to ensure a steady supply of chips that it can use to support its short video platforms, Douyin and Toutiao. These chips are crucial for training artificial intelligence models and powering big data centers for web services.

Amazon into F1

Meanwhile, Amazon (AMZN) is expanding its footprint into the race tracks. Formula One plans to introduce a new artificial intelligence chatbot powered by Amazon innovation. Statbot scans the entire Formula One archive and provides real-time racing data broadcasters and presenters can use during the Barcelona race. The firms claim they’re employing artificial intelligence to provide live forecasts during races on issues such as the timing of pit stops or when a racer might attempt to pass an opponent, utilizing real-time information like vehicle performance and the condition of the tyres. By leveraging this information and the close relationship with the audience, people can envision highly customized experiences.


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