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Microsoft and Apple Unveil Ground-Breaking Artificial Intelligence Integrations

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been on the side-lines for the longest time as other tech giants took the artificial intelligence frenzy by storm.  While the company is not known for taking the front seat in embracing new product categories or technologies, it can no longer stay on the side-lines amid the AI takeover.  The iPhone maker is ready to act two years after the revolutionary technology took the world by storm.

Apple AI Plans

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the company plans to confirm integrating various artificial intelligence solutions into its apps and products. The push comes even as the company insists that the integration does not affect the privacy and security of its products and solutions.

Apple Intelligence is the new artificial intelligence system that Apple plans to integrate into new versions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems. The system will ensure the integration of AI into many of the company’s apps as it seeks to enhance how people interact with their devices daily.

The AI features the company will unveil will be powered by the technology and tools developed by OpenAI. Some of the features the company intends to unveil include those that help people recap articles and web pages in the Safari browser. The features will also allow them to summarize meeting notes, text messages, and emails.

Additionally, the iPhone product line will be able to create fully fleshed-out responses to emails and text messages for users. Apple is also planning a revamp of its digital assistant Siri.  For instance, Siri users will have complete control over individual features and actions within the app. The company’s software for developing apps, Xcode, will also undergo an A.I. revamp.

Gen Z has something to smile about as Apple plans to enable AI-created or generated emojis on its devices. They will benefit from AI-created or custom emoji characters based on their typed words. There will be more emoji options in this case than in the library. The new A.I. features will also be opt-in, meaning people can choose if needed.

Microsoft Recall Changes

On the other hand, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is making significant changes on Recall of a new AI-powered Windows feature unveiled last month that records everything people do on their P.C.s. The feature has set alarm bells, mainly from security researchers who believe bad actors could access it to view people’s records. This would amount to privacy infringements and pose security risks.

As part of the new changes, Recall will be disabled on all Windows instead of eyeballed by default. Users will be allowed to set up and activate. It will remain off if anyone does not turn it on. Likewise, Recall Users can activate Windows Hello, which relies on facial and fingerprint recognition or a login PIN to access the device.

AI Millionaires Growth

Finally, artificial intelligence created more millionaires in the U.S. than in any other country last year. A new report shows a 7.3% jump in U.S. millionaires, with North America reclaiming the highest growth of millionaires.

Asia came a close second with a growth of 4.8%, as Europe came third, with millionaires jumping 4%. The increase in wealth among the wealthy in the U.S. was partly driven by a surge in the stock market, partly due to the rise of AI and technology firms. The S&P 500 index soared by 24% in the previous year, in part due to the confidence of investors in the potential of AI for the future.


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